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How to Fix Canon Printer Offline Error?

Canon Printer Offline Error

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Jun 18, 2021 Admin

Canon is a renowned company that has customers all across the world. No matter where you go, you will find Canon users. The company deals in many things, such as cameras, printers, camcorders, and more. In fact, it has a huge range of products available under each section. When we talk about Canon Printers, these are one of the most availed of products by the company. Although, the quality of these products is outstanding. They do face issues such as Canon Printer Offline error now and then.

Canon Printers are not very complex. Any issue that creates a hindrance in your work can be resolved with just a few troubleshooting solutions. This blog will provide you with fixes that can help you overcome the offline error of the Canon Printer. But first, it is important to understand what triggers the problem.

What Triggers Canon Printer Offline Error?

There could be many reasons behind questions, such as why is my canon printer offline. To name a few, take a look at the list below:

  • Bad internet connection
  • Loose physical cables
  • Sleep mode on of Canon Printer
  • Virus Attack on your system
  • Issues with the internet router
  • No paper in the tray
  • Jammed paper in the printer
  • Damaged printer drivers
  • Cartridge problems
  • Updated Windows

These can be some of the most common reasons that can trigger this issue.

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How to Resolve Canon Printer Offline Error?

Now that you know the core reasons behind my canon printer is offline question let us look at some of the fixes for the same too.

Fix 1: Reconnect Printer with Wi-Fi

If you are using a cable-free Canon printer, you must reconnect the Wi-Fi to try and overcome the problem.

  • Initially, you need to select the Forget option to disconnect the printer from the Wi-Fi.
  • Now, to connect the printer without a USB cable, go to the Wi-Fi Wizard Setup window. This is present on your printer.
  • Here, you will find the option to connect the Wi-Fi back to the system.
  • Furthermore, locate the Wi-Fi button on the printer and long-press it. Release the button once you see the lamp of this button blinking.
  • Next, give it a few seconds and let the light turn blue.
  • Once done, head to your router and hit the WPS button.
  • This will connect the printer back to the Wi-Fi again.

Now, check if the printer is back online.

Fix 2: Restart Printer Spooler Services

If you are after the answers to why is my canon printer offline Mac or windows, try restarting your printer spooler.

Turn Off Service Status

  • To initiate the process, head to the Run command box. You can locate it either from the Start menu of your desktop or simultaneously press Ctrl+R.
  • Now, in the space provided, type Services.msc and hit the OK icon.
  • Once the Services window is up, you will find a long list.
  • From the list, look for Printer Spooler and press the right button on your mouse.
  • Thereafter, go through the available options and click on the Properties tab.
  • Here, on the menu bar, you will see the General window, head to that.
  • On this tab, locate the Stop button and click on that. It is available under the Service Status option.
  • Once done, hit OK to save the edits.

Remove Printing Jobs

Now, it is time to remove the printing jobs.

  • Close the Services window and go to the Start menu.
  • Here from This Computer, head to the Local Drive C.
  • Next, select Windows and then click on the System 32 tab from the list.
  • In the following window, go to the Spool option, then click on Printers from the drop-down list.
  • To confirm the changes, hit OK on the pop-up window.
  • Again, go back to the General tab from the Properties tab.
  • Under the Startup Type, change it to Automatic and save the changes.
  • Lastly, restart the computer and try printing your documents again.
Fix 3: Turn Off Use Printer Offline Feature On Your PC

Hereafter, you will find the steps that can help you turn off the Use Printer Offline option:

  •  Firstly, turn on your PC and click on the home icon.
  • Now, in the search bar, type Control Panel and open the application.
  • On this window, you will see a list of available options.
  • Select Hardware and Sound and move to the next window.
  • Thereafter, click on the first option in the list, i.e., Devices and Printers.
  • Furthermore, all the available printers will become visible on your screen.
  • Right-click on the one that you are facing issues with.
  • Now, from the drop-down list of options, select See What’s Printing.
  • In this window, look for the Printer option at the top left corner and click on Use Printer Offline.
  • Again, from the same list of options, hit Cancel All Documents.
  • Finally, check if the issue is resolved.
Fix 4: Update Canon Printer Drivers

There is a possibility that a user is facing canon printer offline issues because of its installed drivers. Here is how you can fix it:

• From the Start menu of your desktop, type Run and hit Enter. You can also hold the Control button with R from your keyboard to do so.
• In the search bar, put Devmgmt.msc and tap on the OK button.

• Once the Device Manager window opens in front of you, locate the Print Queues option.
• When you click on that, you will see a list opening up. You will see the name of your device here.
• Thereafter, right-click on that and select Update Driver.
• Finally, on the pop-up, select Search Automatically and wait for a couple of minutes.

Once the update is completed, reboot your PC and try running the PC in online mode again.

Fix For Why Is My Canon Printer Offline Mac

If you are a mac user and are still unable to take out prints from your Canon device, you can try a couple more solutions.

Fix 1: USB Connection Method
  • Initially, reboot the printer physically. For that, you need to long-press the power button on your device.
  • Once that is done, go to your Mac and search for the System Preference option.
  • Thereafter, from the list of tabs, choose Printer and Scanner.
  • Now, you will find the printer creating the error.
  • Right-click on the same and remove it from the system.
  • Make sure to hit OK to confirm the process.
  • Furthermore, you need to delete the printer driver as well.
  • This is available under the Utilities option.
  • Thenceforth, remove the USB cable and install the latest printer driver from the official website of Canon.
  • Long press the power button on the printer again to start it and then put back the USB cable.
  • Finally, on your Mac, go back to System Preferences under the Apple icon, and in the Printer and Scanner window, add the printer again.

This might help you resume your work again.

Fix 2: Reset Printer System on Mac

One last step that you can try is resetting the printing settings.

  • From the main window on your Mac, click on the Apple icon available in the top left corner.
  • Now open the System and Preferences window and go to Printers and Scanners.
  • Click on the same, and you will see a new window before you.
  • Here, select Reset Printing System. Here, you will need to put in your credentials to confirm the change.
  • Within a minute, the list of connected printers will open up.
  • Add back the printer you are using, and this is it.

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Canon has been providing amazing products for the longest time. People across the world work on Canon printers on a daily basis. However, they do face issues with them at times too. One of the most common problems is Canon printer offline error. If you are also grappling with the same, this post has been put together for you. We have mentioned some most common fixes that you can try to settle the problem. Go along the steps, and your printer will be all set.

If you still have troubles and need some expert assistance, get in touch with us. Our professionals are just a call away whenever required. We are operating 24×7 and are always ready to offer solutions to our users’ problems.


1. Why is my canon printer offline?

There can be a number of reasons behind this hindrance. Some are:
• Bad internet connection
• Loose physical cables
• Sleep mode on of Canon Printer
• Virus attack on your system
• Issues with the internet router
• No paper in the tray
• Jammed paper in the printer
• Damaged printer drivers
• Cartridge problems
• Updated Windows

2. Why is my canon printer offline in Mac?

If you are using a Canon printer with Mac, you might face the issue because of similar issues. However, you can try the following troubleshooting solutions to resolve it:

  • USB connection method
  • Reset printer system
  • Update canon printer drivers
  • Turn off use printer offline feature on your pc
  • Restart printer spooler services
  • Reconnect printer with Wi-Fi

3. Why does my printer day offline, and how to fix it in Windows 7?

For the users running Windows 7, here is how you can switch the offline mode of your printer to online mode:

  • In the Start menu, locate the Devices and Printers option.
  • Here, open the options from the Printers option by right-clicking on the same.
  • After that, select See what’s printing and move to the following window.
  • Now, click on the printer facing the problem and hit the Use Printer Offline option. This will, eventually, remove the tick mark from the same, and you will be back online.

4. How can I reset my Canon printer?

In order to start a Canon printer, you need to follow these steps:

  • Press the power button to shut down the printer.
  • Now carefully, remove the plug from the switchboard.
  • Next, give it 20-30 seconds, and then put the switch back on.
  • Finally, restart your printer, and you are good to go.

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