HP 8600 printer paper jam error

How to Fix HP 8600 Printer Paper Jam Error?

Are you witnessing the paper jam error in your HP 8600 printer? If yes, you will not be able to print your document or the document in the queue will not get printed. You must be wondering what you should do to rectify this issue of paper jam from your HP Printer. Then it’s simple you have to remove the paper that is responsible for causing the jam. But how to do it? This can be something that everyone may not know. However, don’t worry the HP Support team is there to give you the best possible help that can resolve the paper jam error of HP Printer.

How Do I Fix My HP Printer Jam?

For fixing the issue of paper jam in HP Printer, you need to follow the steps mentioned in this blog:

  • Look For the Jammed Paper and Clear It

Paper can be jammed in your HP Printer in multiple areas. You have first to find the area where the jam is located and then have to clear it. You have to clear the jammed paper from the HP Printer rear or Tray one and two.

  • Check the Carriage Path of Printer with the Carriage Docked

You must check the carriage path with the carriage docked on the far-right side of your HP printer.

  • Check the Carriage Path with the Carriage Undocked

After check the carriage path with the carriage docked, you have to check with carriage undocked from its station that is also there on the far-right side of your HP printer.

  • Clean the Paper Feed Rollers of Your Printer

It is common for the paper feed rollers to have paper fibre, dust, and other debris accumulated, which may cause paper jams and paper feed in your HP Printer. Clean the paper feed rollers inside the printer, and also in the duplexer then try to print the document.

  • Reset Your HP Printer

Sometimes the issue of paper jam occurs even though there is no jammed paper in you HP Printer. In a situation like this, you need to reset your HP printer, which might help clear the issue of false paper jam error. After that, you can try to print again.

  • Service Your HP Printer

You have to service your HP Printer so that all the issues related to your printer can be resolved.

If all the above solutions do not work for you, you can call HP Printer customer service number to connect with experts. The technicians will hear your query and then give you the best possible solution to completely resolve the issue.

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