HP Printer Cartridge Error

How to Fix HP Printer Cartridge Error?

When it comes to the top-notch printers for better productivity, HP printers ultimately crosses our mind. Its amazing features can boost your work productivity. Besides, users love it for its smooth functioning. Unfortunately, HP printer cartridge error is an integral part of the user’s experience. When using the printer, you may encounter multiple issues related to the printer’s cartridge. When the error occurs, you will see the error messages related to the printer cartridge. It can be infuriating when you don’t know what to do next after the arrival of the error. Worry not! This post will help you in troubleshooting the error using handy solutions. Let’s start!

HP Printer Cartridge Error: An Overview

When the error occurs, you will receive the error message for the same that reads – Print cartridge missing or not detected. This error typically occurs when the HP printer thinks that the ink is missing in the cartridge. When the error occurs, you may not be able to print, until the error is resolved. If you are not using a genuine cartridge, the error can crop up when printing. There are multiple factors that can evoke the error.

Possible Reasons That Can Evoke Cartridge Error in HP Printer

The main reasons that can evoke cartridge error in HP Printer are described in the below-given list:

1: Protective Stripes Attached to The Cartridge

When you install a new cartridge in your HP printer, make sure that the protective stripe is removed. If not, the HP printer does not recognize the cartridge. Besides, any other plastic covers or tabs can also evoke errors in the installation of the cartridge in the new device.

2: When Metal Contacts Become Dirty or Broke

Dirty or broken metal contacts inside the HP Printer causes the HP printer ink cartridge error message to appear. The metal contacts of the cartridge should meet the metal contact of your HP printer. However, if the cartridge’s metal contact fails to make this connection due to dirt or damage, the printer fails to read the information on the chip required for smooth printing.

3: When the Ink Cartridge is not Compatible

If you mistakenly install an incompatible ink cartridge, an HP printer cartridge error can take place. This error typically occurs, when you miss reading the user manual about the most suitable ink cartridge. Besides, HP printer colour cartridge error is another issue that takes place due to installing the colour cartridge and black cartridge in incorrect slots.

4: Printer’s Software Update

The software update is essential in the HP printers to fix the bugs. However, an update can also promote the cartridge issue by rendering the chip data as not useful. In such a case, the printer fails to recognize the ink cartridge as compatible and the error takes place.

5: HP Printer Refill Cartridge Error Due to Damaged Chips

This error can take place when the integrity of the HP printer cartridge gets damaged due to the use of a refilled ink cartridge.

How to Resolve the Printer Cartridge Error in HP?

After navigating through the possible reasons behind the HP cartridge error, let’s explore some effective solutions that can help you in troubleshooting the printing issues:

Solution 1: Reset the HP Printer

To resolve the error, you need to reset your printer in the first place by following the below-given steps:
• In the first place, turn your HP printer on.
• Next, open its cover and then remove the ink cartridge.
• Keep the cartridge aside for a few minutes and then place it back with the utmost care and attention.
• Now close the printer’s cover and turn it off.
• Again, wait for some time and turn the printer on.
• Now try to print using your HP printer to check if the error is resolved.
However, if the error continues, move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Clean Metal Contacts for A Smooth Communication
The dirty or damaged metal contact is causing the error, you can perform the below-given steps:
• First of all, turn off your HP printer and remove the plug.
• Next, open the printer’s door and remove the ink cartridge carefully.
• Keep the cartridge aside with the utmost care.
• Now you need to check your metal contacts.
• Next, wipe the metal contacts with a clean and dry cloth. Don’t try too hard as excessive pressure is not good for it.
• After cleaning, place the ink cartridge back in your HP printer.
• Make sure that the placement of the cartridge is correct.
• Turn the printer on and perform a test printing to check if the error is fixed or not.

Solution 3: When HP Printer Does Not Recognize the Ink Cartridge
If the HP printer is not recognizing the ink cartridge, perform the below-given steps to override it:
• In the first place, turn your HP printer off and then open its door.
• Now take the erroneous ink cartridge out.
• Next, place the compatible cartridge in your HP printer.
• After that, leave your printer for some time.
• Finally, take out the old ink cartridge and install the new one.
After following the above-listed steps, try printing from your HP Printer.

Final Words!
The solutions discussed in this post can help you in troubleshooting the HP printer cartridge error. However, getting issues when printing is annoying. It is better to take good care of your printer and prevent it from dust and other damages. You may also dial our HP printer helpline number to get the error resolved in no time.

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