Brother printer unable to print 35

How to Fix Brother Printer Unable to Print 35?

The Brother printer is identified as the best printing device to take out the best-quality prints and high-definition output. These printers provide excellent features, durability, and performance. Brother printer is available for both personal and commercial use. You always look for such printers that meet your requirements.

But, it never means that Brother Printer will not stop with errors. One common problem is the Unable to Print 35 error that takes place in Brother Printer. Before moving to fix this error 35 in the Brother printer, you must know about the reason for its occurrence.  You must contact Brother printer customer support to fix this error. It is opened to take up your calls all the time 24/7 hours. Discuss your issues related to Brother Printer, and you will surely get the accurate solution to fix this error.

Main Causes of Unable to Print 35 Error in Brother Printer

The leading causes for the occurrence of Unable to Print Error 35 are listed below.

  • A paper stuck in Brother Printer will cause Error 35
  • Other mechanical parts of the brother printer are not operative

Steps to Remove Unable to Print 35 Error in Printer

Step -1

  • First, close all the printing jobs of your printer by giving the command
  • Now, open the cover of your printer gently placing both hands on it
  • You will now see the scanner cover support in your Brother Printer
  • Use the paper to confirm whether any paper is stuck inside your printer or not
  • If yes, then take it out from your printer
  • Move the Printhead left to right and then again to left
  • If there is any disturbance, then check what the reason for it is
  • If you have found anything causing a disturbance there, then remove it
  • Open the Jam cover located at the back of your printer
  • If you have found any jammed paper or click, remove it instantly
  • Finally, close the cover with both hands.

Take a rough print to check whether the issue is fixed or not. If a problem is not removed, then move to the next step.

Step – 2

  • Remove the Printer cable from the Power Supply.
  • Remove connected cables from your brother’s printer.
  • If cables are dusty, just clean them.
  • Re-connect all cables to your printer carefully.
  • Switch on your printer and take a rough print.

If this Unable to Print Error 35 still stumbles upon your brother printer, then you must contact Brother printer support to remove this error quickly. It is available to attend your calls all the time 24/7 hours. You will receive proper suggestions to fix this error 35 in your brother’s printer.

Discuss all your queries related to the Brother printer with a technical executive and listen and carefully follow the solutions. You can troubleshoot all types of errors related to your Brother printer by dialing brother’s toll-free number. It is available to support when you need help urgently. No technical things are bug-free, and everything will face errors when operated by users.

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