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How to Setup WPS Pin on HP Printer?

How to Setup WPS Pin on HP Printer?

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Mar 12, 2021 Admin

HP Printer is one of the most widely used equipment across the world. It is used to print, scan and copy documents. It is the most trusted and efficient printer in the market. It uses Thermal Inkjet Printing technology with print speed divided into separate parts such as 7.5 PPM for black and white while 16 ppm for Colour. HP Deskjet Printer 3510 is used to print, copy and scan documents. This is one must-have printer. If you are facing some issues with the HP printer, feel free to reach out to HP customer care for complete assistance. If you got one for yourself and want to set up WPS Pin on your HP Printer, this is the place to be.

We are here to tell you everything you need to know about WPS Pin and installing the same on HP Printer. If you want to connect your HP Printer to Windows 10, a dialog box prompts you to type in your WPS pin on your HP Printer. Now, why this pin is required, you may ask? The WPS Pin enables the HP Printer in connecting to a wireless network. The reason is, HP Printer makes use of WPS technology for connecting with wireless devices simply because WPS is quicker, safer, and reliable instead of a USB connection.

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In order to set up a connection with any other device, you may require to look for a WPS Pin on HP Printer. The latest HP printer technology can be brought to use by connecting the wireless printer through a WPS PIN Code to the personal device with the help of a wired network or via wireless router and print documents quickly.

Let’s first understand WPS Pin. It stands for “Wifi Protected Setup”, an 8-digit numeric that HP Printer generates to get wireless connection with routers. In technical terms, it is defined as a network security standard that is wireless. It aids in forming connections between a router and wireless security easier and quicker. WPS works only for wireless networks with a password, and the password is usually encrypted with the WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal Security protocols. The WPS button helps in simplifying the connection process.

If you are searching for solutions to look for a WPS pin on HP Printer but don’t know how and where we answer you. In many HP Printer models, WPS Pin is present on the printer screen, such as HP envy 4520, HP Officejet 4560. When you glance at the screen, you can see that the WPS pin is written there. But, a few models like the HP Deskjet printer series don’t have a screen; you can check the connection type for non-screen and screen printers.

There are two types of WPS connections on every HP Printer. They are given below:

  • WPS Pin (For screen-enabled printers)
  • WPS Push Button (For non-screen Printers)

Now that you’ve got the hang of WPS and the details let’s dive into connecting HP Printer via WPS Push Button. Here are the measures you can follow to resolve the issue:

  • Open the Control Panel of HP Printer and click the Wireless or Settings Button; you will see a Blue Light starts flickering.
  • Click the ‘Wifi Protected Setup’ and implement the instructions displaying on the print screen.
  • Go to the “WPS button”. After this, the printer asks you to tap the WPS button on the wireless router.

To get further assistance about WPS Pin, contact the HP support number for detailed and step-by-step instructions or guidance from well-qualified experts.

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