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Why is my HP Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Why is my HP Printer Printing Blank Pages?

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Mar 02, 2021 Admin

HP printers are widely used printers. HP is a famous brand among the masses because it’s affordable black and white, accompanied by colored prints that use LaserJet technology. Presently, it is the fastest printer developed by Hewlett-Packard in 1984. It delivers high-quality photos all around the world with well-saturated colors, which result in edged printouts. Yet, sometimes customers face an issue when HP printers start printing blank pages. Users can fix this problem by using simple steps, and in case they are unable to implant those steps. One must not hesitate to connect on the HP helpline number.

Origin of an issue when HP printer stop printing papers

  • Fault in cartridge or ink toner
  • It was dislodging ink or Ink toner from its proper place.
  • Loading of the wrong size of paper in the paper tray
  • The clogged printer results in blocking of the head nozzle and stops the printing
  • Printing of blank paper mentioned in the document

Quick tweaks to rectify the problem which terminates the printing of blank papers

1. Unoccupied cartridge with ink

  • Users must ensure that the cartridge used while printing is not old or low in level. It should carefully be replaced or refilled to achieve printing of papers.
  • Another essential point to remember is to remove the yellow tape of the attached cartridge

2. Detached cartridge

  • The user must ensure the connection of the cartridge while giving the command to print. The full cartridge will not fulfill the task because the printer should be electrically attached to the computer to implement it successfully.
  • To rectify this error, users can disconnect and reinstall the cartridge to make the printer start working.

3. Inappropriate size of paper

  • Ensure the paper is stable while it gets ready for the print and places it on a flat platform. The printer won’t operate if the paper is titled or at any other angle.
  • Users must ensure the quality of the paper as specified for the product. HP printers do not support transparencies and vellum pacers.
  • Customers should take care of the size, orientation of the paper, and layout while printing.

4. Congested nozzle

  • Clean the printer’s nozzle to have smooth printing on paper. This problem is encountered by those users who do not use printers frequently. They must check the nozzle before printing.

5. Existence of blank pages in the document

  • Lastly, users must check that documents do not contain blank pages. A simple click on “Skip Page” can resolve this problem. And they were then moving further to avoid a break in printing the whole document.

6. Update the printer driver

  • And the final solution is to update the printer driver. It might be due to the outdated version of the printer, and because of that, it is producing blank pages.
  • Users must install a new printer driver with an updated version to experience more advanced features.

This blog reads almost all the solutions to rectify simple problems with HP printers. But in any case, Customers want assistance in any error, and they are free to call at HP customer service number. Their highly dedicated tech team is always available for their customers round the clock.

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