Set Up HP Wireless Printer on Mac

How to Setup HP Wireless Printer on Mac?

With the advanced technology, HP is coming up with new technique options in every new release. Some of the excellent features in the recent release of HP are mobile printing, Wi-Fi direct, wireless connection, etc. Because of so many features, sometimes a user may face problems while working on an HP printer. The Mac users have asked us many times about ‘how to setup HP wireless printer to Mac‘? And thus, we bring you the solution to the technical issue in this blog.

Tech Support Expert is a family of technical professionals who performs to contribute reliable customer support service. Our experts have the solution for your entire HP printer. They are entirely orderly in providing the services within no time. Today, everyone prefers wireless connection because it allows a user to connect one printer for a number of computer systems connected to Wi-Fi. If you talk about Mac, how many users are stuck in steps to Connect HP Wireless Printer to Mac? Therefore, HP Printer support has come up with a step-by-step guide for all our esteemed customers.

Methods to Set Up HP Wireless printer to Mac

  1. The first step is to attach your HP printer to Mac by wired or wirelessly connected.
  2. Confirm that you have attached the printer and Mac to the internet connection by using a USB cable.
  3. Now explore that the printer is power is On, and all the primary set-up process is over on your printer.
  4. The next step is that in the Mac, to install the printer driver for your HP model, go to the browser type in URL site.
  5. Select the download button to get the HP easy start guide software on your Mac.
  6. Then, extract all the HP start files and accept all the terms and conditions.
  7. Now select the continue button to open files in your Mac.
  8. The attached printer name will be shown in the list, and choose your printer name in the connected devices.
  9. In case not detected by the easy start, then confirm that your printer power mode is on and connected by wireless or USB cable connection firmly.
  10. After the detecting, the device, choose printer and select the continue button to start.
  11. Choose any one option that is USB connection or wireless connection.
  12. Reply to all the on-screen questions to move on to the other printer software installation set up.
  13. Then, choose all your install options and select the install button. After completing the installation, decide on the continue button, and your HP printer is now connected to Mac.

After going through the above troubleshooting procedure, if you can’ set up your HP Printer on Mac, you must dial the HP customer service number to fix this error quickly.

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