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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains what information we collect when you visit our website or use our services or content. It also explains how we store, use, transfer, or delete the information. When making our privacy policy, we have to ensure that they comply with the privacy law. Besides, it also helps us to gain the trust of the users who visit our website.

Information We Collect

247printerhelpline collects your information to provide you with the best user experience. We don’t make money from ads, so we don’t collect your information to advertise to you. To improve your experience, we collect your information from your interactions with our network. Some of this information is collected actively. For instance, the email address that we use to track your account and to establish communication with you.

Other information we collect is based on the actions that you take when interacting with our website, visiting its pages, or using the services. The collected information includes records of these interactions, information about you machine (device, browser type), Internet Protocol address, and referral information.

How Do We Use The Collected Information?

We use your information for the following purposes:

  • Improve, promote, and personalize our services.
  • Deal with spam and other forms of abuse.
  • Generate aggregate and comprehensive information on how people interact with our website and use 247printerhelpline services.