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HP Printers have become a world-renowned technology that is widely used by people. It serves best for both household and office purposes and provides easy and smooth printing facilities. There are different versions for this printer, and every product is suitable based on the needs of a user. Other than printing documents, HP Printers also work in the process of scanning and photocopying, which makes the task quite more comfortable. However, every product doesn’t offer this feature. You need to survey the same or can also have a word with the technical experts at HP customer care number and talk to the techies by explaining your requirement. The printer is now equipped with modern advancements and can be installed in the operating system both via wired (USB) and wireless connection, where the latter one requires internet connectivity. Some versions of HP Printer comes with pre-installed driver software, and once you install the printer to the system, the printer driver gets automatically downloaded. However, some products require users to install the software by visiting the official website.

Common Problems and Error Codes of HP printers

The printer is a technological product and can face issues and errors depending on some areas and concerns. Every error has its reason, and it also depends on how the user is operating the product. You must service your HP Printer at least on an annual basis and make sure that you do not miss on installing any recent updates. Take a look at the enlisted problems and error codes associated with HP Printers:

  • Paper jam errors
  • Black ink not printing
  • Colored ink not printing
  • Printer not scanning the documents properly
  • Hazy and distorted images
  • All pages coming out blank even though the print command was given
  • Ink cartridge refills showing empty when it was recently filed
  • Not able to install the printer driver software
  • Facing troubles in cleaning the print head
  • Unable to install the printer via the wireless connection
HP common error

Basic error codes:

  • Error code 02- with Printer driver or printer cable issues
  • Error code 10- Supplies Memory Error ( having issues with toner cartridge chip)
  • Error code 11- Printer out of paper
  • Error code 16- Low or empty toner levels
  • Error code 14- Printer doesn’t recognize ink cartridges
  • Error code 24- Too many print jobs stuck in the queue
  • Error code 40- Error in data transfer and connection settings
  • Error code 50.9- High Fuser Temperature detected
  • Error code 59- Issues with the main motor or fuser motor
  • Error code 50.5- The printer has detected the wrong fuser
  • Error code 62- Defective Formatter board is detected

There are too many error codes that are not discussed here. Every error code corresponds to a particular situation and concern. You can acquire more knowledge about the same and understand how it can be fixed by reaching out to the HP customer support number.

How to fix HP error code 79?

HP Printer Service error 79 or also known as 79.00FE is a common issue associated with this printer. It is caused by defective PostScript Documents and is shown as a service error on the LCD Display. This error stops the printer to initiate the printing status. This type of error usually occurs in HP LaserJet Pro 200 Color. Resolving this error is quite easy, and you can implement the given steps for the same:

  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer and make sure that only the power cord is connected. See if the error is resolved after removing the USB cable
  • You can also plug the printer to a different power outlet or toggle the On and Off switch

If even after executing the given steps, you are still not able to resolve the issue, feel free to contact the techies at HP customer service. They provide you the best possible solution and will also provide necessary information on how to avoid this error shortly

How to fix HP Printer Paper Jam error?

HP Printer Paper Jam error is a prevalent issue and can occur anytime. It is an issue associated with the papers stuck either in the input tray or output tray. Sometimes during printing, a user forcefully takes out the paper from the output tray, which can cause this error. Dust particles, torn pieces of paper, or any other foreign particle if gets stuck in the printer, there is a huge possibility of this error occurring. To solve this particular issue, you can implement the troubleshooting procedure implemented below:

  • Switch off the printer from its main switch
  • Remove the power cord from the backside of the printer
  • Take out the input tray and remove all the stuck papers. Take a clean cloth and remove all the dust particles
  • From the output tray, pull out all the papers (if any) and make sure that there is no foreign object stuck inside
Connect with HP Printer Toll-Free Number

Here you have learned about how to resolve two necessary error codes associated with HP Printer. However, there are also other issues that a user can confront. To get a basic understanding of how to solve any dilemma associated with HP Printers, you can always contact HP printer support number, which is available 24x7. The techies at this service are available even through live chat system other than the toll-free number. Feel free to contact them by availing any medium you desire.